Feds to Take Private Land for Border Wall

House Spending Bill Includes Border Wall Money The U.S. House of Representatives passed a $788 billion budget bill that includes $1.6 billion allocated for construction of a border wall. The money is far short of what will be required to construct a wall along the entire border with Mexico.  But […]

Feds threaten eminent domain against Texas landowners

Trump Gearing Up For Massive Land Grab

Trump Wants Border Wall on Private Land A recent article on El Paso Inc. highlighted the new risk faced by land owners in Texas border country: eminent domain. The article, originally published in the NY Times, reflects the border residents’ anti-wall feelings.  But it is short on meaningful advice for border […]

FTC Cracks Down on Patent Assertion Entity

The FTC on March 17 released its final order settling charges against MPHJ Technology Investments, LLC and its lawyers for deceptive sales claims and phony legal threats in letters that accused thousands of small businesses around the country of patent infringement.  Under the Order, MPHJ Technology Investments, LLC and its […]