About the Zimmerman Firm

A different kind of law firm.

The Zimmerman Firm is Different

The Zimmerman Firm is Different

That’s good for you. Here is why:

I am not a general practitioner. Instead, The Zimmerman Firm focuses on a few narrow practice areas. All of them are areas of law that require technical knowledge and a high degree of precision. Because I focus on those narrow areas, I can develop a deep knowledge and familiarity with the issues you are likely to face in your case. I have the allies and the resources who can increase your chance of success.

Asbestosis and mesothelioma cases are technical. But beyond that, they require a detailed knowledge of Minnesota and it’s history so we can determine every source that may have contributed to the asbestos exposure. Sure, there are some local firms that can take your case, but do they really have the right team and the right resources to get the best result for your?   On the other hand, there are plenty of national firms that can handle your case proficiently. I bet you’ve seen their ads on TV. But you risk being just another name in their inventory.

The Zimmerman Firm bridges the gap.

The right team for the case is critical. But putting together the right team is a skill many lawyers lack. I know phenomenal lawyers from around the country in each of the areas in which my practice is focused. But I don’t just refer your case and then disappear. I stay involved and make sure that your case is a priority.

A lawyer’s lawyer

A major part of my practice is being a lawyer’s lawyer. All lawyers have to study professional responsibility in law school. But many seem to stop paying attention to those rules the minute they pass the test. I am a member of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers. That is a group of lawyers who focus on the rules governing the conduct of lawyers. This part of my practice focuses on lawyer departures, and is particularly focused on representing lawyers who represent people on contingent-fee matters. I counsel lawyers who are thinking of leaving a firm to ensure that they take steps that are ethical and in their clients’ best interests. My clients and I work together to assemble a team to ensure that their departure is handled efficiently, cost-effectively, and most of all, professionally.

I spend a lot of time and effort maintaining my knowledge and connections in the intellectual property and consumer protection areas. I am always happy to spend a few minutes talking about your matter. Even if I am not the right lawyer for you, I will do my best to help you find the best lawyer and firm for your matter.

Jake Zimmerman

The Zimmerman Firm, LLC